Sunday, May 10, 2015

Latest Shows and News

Upcoming Shows

Jan 7
The Copper Rocket
Maitland FL

Jan 29
The West End Trading Co
Sanford FL

Jan 31
The Orpheum Theatre
Tampa FL

Feb 4
Sanford Music Fest
The West End Trading Co
Sanford FL

Feb 11
Daytona Main Street Live
Full Moon Saloon
Daytona FL

Feb 12
The Orpheum Theatre
Tampa FL

Feb 18
The Haven
Winter Park FL

April 14
The Copper Rocket
Maitland, FL


The Recent Stuff...

We will be tossing out some nifty lil' items into the audience in upcoming shows...

The Other Stuff...

Work continues on our album with mixing and producing!

The Older Other Stuff...

We re-recorded "Funkenstein" in 2015 and had 3
engineers do their own mix. We will be picking one (or two) as bonus tracks for our next album. Each version is different with regards to sound and Dan's solos (he did at least 4 takes) so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

 We still have stickers!!! These are 7" wide and about 4" Slime Green and Holographic. 

 We have shirts!!!!! 
 In addition to our alien wings logo we have restocked our popular
Rodzilla shirts and have now added ladies baby-doll, razor-back sleeveless in the same design! Get 'em at our next show!!!! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jupiter Groove are In Tune!!!!!

 Jupiter Groove just landed a new endorsement deal with the wonderful folks at S.I.T. Strings and WB Gear.
 Juan in particular has been enjoying his custom gauge Power Steel Bass strings on his Dean Rhapsody 12 string bass!